Financial Services

Financial technology holds great promise and great challenges for the Financial Sector and its players.

In recent years, the emergence of financial technology startups have led to a rapidly shifting landscape. As these new entrants began to aggressively expand in traditional business segments, financial institutions have had to learn how to innovate and reframe the competitiveness of the services they provide along with the way customers interact with their services. As such, large-scale investments and initiatives are already underway from both sides.

  • Banks
  • Financial Regulators
  • Exchanges
  • Private Equity
  • Insurance
  • Startups

Leading financial institutions are facing multiple operational and business model questions when it comes to applications of emerging technologies. Tech-savvy customers with a focus on digital are increasingly demanding improved offerings and service channels. However, considering the scale of these institutions, comprehensive change can be slow and challenging. Even as they engage, many struggle to effectively embrace new technologies and business models. Decision makers must ask the right questions early on.

  • As the market is still at an early stage, how can we leverage new technologies to gain a competitive advantage and drive growth?
  • What are our guiding goals - do we innovate on the client side to provide new services and products, or on the back office to streamline processes and optimize costs?
  • Looking inward - how can we improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations?
  • Looking outward - what opportunities are out in the market that we can leverage to drive growth?
  • What resources and capabilities do we require, and do we develop those from internal or external sources?
Our Approach:

We focus on a pragmatic approach for work on technology projects in the Financial Sector. It is clear that the industry is facing several challenges scaling projects beyond pilots on the operational, technical, and regulatory front.

Therefore, we guide management and project teams through all aspects of identifying the most pressing and high-impact opportunities, formulating a cohesive engagement strategy, and effectively embracing and implementing new technologies both for internal and external impact.

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