Financial Services

Blockchain holds great promise and great challenges for the Financial Sector and its players.

In recent years, the emergence of fintech startups and blockchain technology have led to a rapidly shifting landscape. Large enterprises and regulators have had to learn how to innovate and reframe the services they provide along with the way customers interact with their services. Technologies such as blockchain have the potential to transform the financial services industry and large-scale investments are being made, yet the complexity and nascency of the technology means that it still requires clear guidance and the right approach to utilize it in a meaningful way.

  • Banks
  • Financial Regulators
  • Exchanges
  • Private Equity
  • Insurance
  • Startups

Leading financial institutions are facing multiple operational and business model questions when it comes to applications of blockchain technology. Furthermore, we have found that many project challenges originate from avoidable issues, such as an initial lack of understanding of the technology, misalignment of expectations, and a lack of capabilities and proper governance, among other issues. Decision makers must ask the right questions early on.

  • How to leverage blockchain technology to bring benefit to the core business and our customers?
  • How can blockchain play a role in streamlining our operations?
  • How can we determine of blockchain is the right fit for our project?
  • How may blockchain technology alter or change our business model?
  • What resources and capabilities are required to adopt blockchain?
  • How can we take blockchain beyond Proof of Concept?
  • How can we pre-emptively address and tackle issues around areas such as interoperability, governance, and regulation?
Our Approach:

We focus on a pragmatic approach for work on blockchain projects in Financial Sector. It is clear that the Financial Sector is facing several challenges taking blockchain out of the sandbox on the operational, technical, and regulatory front.

Therefore, we guide management and project teams through the strategic and operational aspects of exploring blockchain technology and if it is the right fit, identifying where implementation creates sustainable advantages, and how to proceed to successfully executing blockchain projects.

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