Oil and Gas

Blockchain has potential to enable efficiencies and digitalization across the value chain.

With recent volatility, there are opportunities in the oil and gas industry for adopting digital technologies for process and transaction simplification in areas such as supply chain, asset management, infrastructure maintenance and contracting. Blockchain technology has emerged as an innovation that can allow stakeholders - upstream, midstream, and downstream businesses - to reduce their processing costs.

  • Enterprise
  • Infrastructure
  • Government Entities

The Oil & Gas Industry is characterized by its complexity in structure, involved stakeholders, processes, and operations. When approaching innovation, industry leaders take a cautious approach with evaluating if the technology can bring added value to the business – the same applies to blockchain technology.

  • What can blockchain technology bring to the Oil & Gas Industry?
  • How can our organization interact with blockchain and apply it to our daily operations?
  • Can blockchain be the source of the efficiency of our exploration and production departments?
  • How blockchain can support our organization in transactions and operational processes?
  • Can blockchain bring higher level of automation in our business activities?
Our Approach:

We help our clients to understand how to benefit from blockchain technology. With the application of dedicated industrial frameworksm we support decision makers to outline approaches to understand the technology and model the business impact. We guide through the process of initial engagement with blockchain to its implementation to maximize the potential value-add.

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